Culver Considers Special Permitting for Alcohol In Town Park

culver town hall

Culver may be experimenting with alcohol in the Town Park later this year, but only for certain events.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting site selection and permission was being sought for the annual Taste of Culver event. The festival is set for June 11th.

A representative of Taste of Culver, Tucker Anderson, said that by hosting the event in the park, they’re able to showcase different parts of the Town.

“The beer garden isn’t the main event,” says Anderson. “This is a chamber sponsored event. The attendance is going to remain the same. Because it’s in a park, will there be kids? Yes, but they’re not necessarily attending this event. This will be totally separate.”

To host the beer garden, this year’s chosen location has turned out to have a lot of moving parts. The Culver Park Board has made a policy change that will allow an eventual decision by the Town Council on alcohol.

The Town currently has an ordinance against alcohol in the park, putting an language change in Culver’s future. Once the ordinance has been amended to allow pre-permitted and pre-qualified events to provide alcohol, the Police Chief, the State, and the Town Council must also sign off on the permit. Perhaps even the Culver Lion’s Club due to it’s depot location at the park.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the central problem is the current ordinance language.

“We can’t do anything without changing that ordinance if we’re going to do that,” says Munroe.

The Culver Town Council anticipates a public hearing on the ordinance change during their first meeting in May.

An audience member and a member of the council expressed their support for considering the idea during Tuesday night’s meeting.