Culver Takes Feedback Online for Future Bike Trail Construction

culverThe Town of Culver is looking for feedback on the development of bike trails, and they’re using online methods to gather comments.

Culver has been working with a company on the development of a Master Plan for future bike trail construction. Those trails are part of several initiatives the Town is pursuing, but also complements Regional Cities efforts taking place in Marshall County.

Public input sessions have been held in April to present preliminary plans and gather feedback from residents about paths, connecting points, trail features, and trailheads.

By accessing the online page associated with Culver’s plans, local residents can provide input through the website, even associating an e-mail address with their comments for future conversations.

The web page offers maps of the current plans and will adjust as the plan moves forward to gather additional feedback.

Culver intends to receive grant funding to help pay for portions of the project. Efforts to begin construction are still considered some time off. You can access the webpage by clicking the link.