Hamlet Hamstrung Regarding Railroad Safety Enforcement


The Town of Hamlet’s several railroad crossings were a major discussion item on Wednesday night’s town board agenda when a resident complained about rail cars parked too near crossings and entire trains abandoned during crew changes.

The Jefferson street CF&E crossing was spotlighted as a particularly dangerous to automobiles and their drivers whose views of oncoming trains are often obstructed.

Telephone calls made to CF&E were reported to have been ignored and it is particularly difficult for local, county or state police officers to get the company’s attention to the hazard since railroads are federally regulated.

Town Marshall Frank Lonigro advised he is seeking part-time, trained police officers.

Street Superintendent Fred Rowe submitted estimates for road stone for certain alley ways and for Elm Street. The Board directed him to proceed with bids.

Plans for remodeling and improving the facilities at the town hall, including changes for the clerk’s office, were reviewed and approved.

A $150 donation for the county’s Independence Day fireworks, to be held at Wythogan Park in Knox on Saturday, July 2nd, was also approved.