Hoosiers Urged to Keep Campaign Signs a Safe Distance from Roadways


Political candidates and their supporters are being reminded to keep campaign signs a safe distance away from roadways. The Indiana Department of Transportation says the signs should be kept away from intersections, interchanges, and the rights of way alongside roadways.

If the right of way isn’t clearly marked, INDOT says you can estimate the boundaries as the fence line, the back of the ditch, or behind utility poles. Signs placed any closer to roads can block drivers’ visibility and put their safety at risk.

If a sign is considered to be too close to the road, it may be removed by INDOT or local governments. Owners may then reclaim their signs from a local INDOT maintenance facility.

Additionally, residents who come across signs blocking visibility are encouraged to report them to INDOT. The INDOT LaPorte District can be reached at 1-855-464-6368 or LaPorteDistrictCommunications@indot.in.gov.