IVY Tech Plans Classes At Pulaski County Purdue Extension Offices

 The Pulaski County Council has taken steps that will eventually lead to greater access to college-level classes.

During Monday night’s meeting, the Council was approached by a representative from Purdue Extension. The local extension offices are host to a “Learning Network,” but are interested in expanded the service. IVY Tech Community College has expressed an interest in offering entry-level college classes in the conference rooms at the extension site.

Natalie Federer with Purdue Extension says IVY Tech out of Logansport will be offering the classes, but first need evidence of liability insurance.

“If I could ask for whoever holds that certificate that a copy could be made that IVY Tech could have in order for us to offer those college credit courses,” says Federer.

Entry-level lessons such as communications, sociology, and psychology are planned in the near-term. Between 10 and 12 students will be admitted to the courses. If those classes fill, IVY Tech has expressed an interest in providing more classes.

The request considered Monday night was to gather information about liability insurance for IVY Tech’s purposes. Also considered, however, was a fee applied to the classes for the use of Wi-Fi and other technology. Those fees would be inserted into a special line item in the county budget to be used for future technology upgrades.

Council member Alex Haschel says she’s excited about the prospect after past attempts have not come to fruition.

“Especially for those that are working people that who are wanting to take college classes, and need the college classes, if we’re going to put back in this community, then we need to assist in the learning process,” says Haschel.

Credits for the classes will transfer to a four-year college or university in plenty of cases.

Pulaski County was cited as an ideal location due to its accessibility, parking, and lack of an institution of higher learning in the immediate area.