N.J.-S.P. Releases Reduction in Force List

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingNorth Judson-San Pierre Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Boyd has provided WKVI News the list of employees affected by reduction in force action approved at the Tuesday, March 15 school board meeting. He did advise there have been some changes to the list, but did not elaborate. As soon as we receive those changes we will update our information.

Contract terminations for certified employees: Amy Bope, Patricia Braun, Sharon Field, Preston Frame, Julie Heise, Lisa Hughes and Christopher Newbauer.

Contract adjustments: Susan Norwich, Barry Shear and Kelly Shepherd.

Non-certified employee terminations: Amy Bales, Roslynn Bejes, Joan Brunicon, Angel Burger, Erica Griffith, Lisa Hall, Laura Hannon, Rachel McCaffrey, Michelle Peretti, McKenzie Sallee, Jamie Shell, Samantha Shelton, Christy Weist and Barbara Yeadon.