Synthetic Marijuana Carries Potentially Deadly Health Risks

Synthetic Marijuana
Synthetic marijuana is also known as K2 or spice and is often sold as potpourri.

Synthetic marijuana is big problem for law enforcement, and a potentially deadly one. Detective Dave Combs from the Knox Police Department says it’s packaged like traditional cannabis and smoked in the same manner, but that’s where the similarities end.

“It is a chemical compound that is either sprayed or dried onto the crushed plant. There are 159 known cannabinoid compounds out there. As you can imagine, quality control is not all that good.”

As a result, Combs says synthetic marijuana use has led to strokes, heart attacks and irreversible brain damage.

Synthetic marijuana is often packaged in plastic like traditional cannabis and is smoked in a similar way. It’s also known as spice or K2 and marketed as potpourri. Combs says pill or leaf grinders are often indicative of its use.