Township Officials — Trash Dumping Will Not Be Tolerated


Washington Township officials are having troubles with illegal trash dumping.

Trustee Cathy Benko recently found 10 bags of trash stuffed into the cans at the cemetery. She says the barrels there are for cemetery use only. Before removing the bags, Benko notified the Starke County Sheriff’s Office. She says the deputy who responded went through them and found an address for the potential culprit.

The dumpsters at the Washington Township Community Building are not for public use, either. Benko says they are reserved for use by the fire department and individuals or groups who rent the community center. She adds anyone who is caught dumping their household or drug trash or any paraphernalia will be prosecuted.

Neither the township nor the county offer trash pickup service to rural residents. Benko says its up to each individual to make arrangements for private trash collection service.