AAA Predicts Increase in Memorial Day Travel

AAAMore than 820,000 Hoosiers are expected to travel over the Memorial Day weekend, according to projections from the AAA Hoosier Motor Club. That’s an increase of more than 16,000 from last year. AAA says just over 747,000 of them will drive, while nearly 41,000 will fly.

Nationwide, AAA is expecting this Memorial Day’s travel volume to be the highest since 2005, which was also the last time gas prices were this low for the holiday. That’s expected to boost the number of Americans driving to their destinations by 2.1 percent, while air travel is projected to increase by 1.6 percent, thanks to lower fares. However, travel by trains, buses, cruises, and other forms of transportation is predicted to fall by 2.3 percent nationwide.

If you’ll be doing some driving over the holiday weekend, AAA recommends having your vehicle inspected before hitting the road. AAA does expect to assist 350,000 motorists this weekend.