Argos Referendum May Impact Other Local School Corporations


The results of today’s Argos school funding referendum could have an effect on the Culver Community Schools Corporation. Argos school officials have said that if the proposal to raise the property tax levy fails, the corporation would be forced to find ways to consolidate with other local school districts.

Culver Schools Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says that while it’s still too early to start planning for possible consolidation, he has been in contact with the superintendent at Argos, “I’ve talked to Mrs. Riise about the situation they’re in, and yeah, that’s one of the unfortunate possible outcomes is that schools have to at least think about that, but nothing official coming this way, as far as consolidating with us at this time.”

He says he doesn’t want to see the Argos Community School Corporation in a difficult situation, but if that does happen, he hopes that it could at least be turned into a positive for Culver. “Well, we hope that we’d pick up some kids,” Kitchell says. “If they truly have to cut back and cut back, that hurts the school system, and hopefully we’ve got some programs here that maybe interest somebody to come this way, and obviously any students we get coming this way helps our cause.”

Like Argos, Culver has also been facing reduced state funding and long-term declines in enrollment, resulting in staff cuts and other cost-saving measures.