Beware of Caller ID Spoofing

Call spoofing telephone scamThe latest telephone scam reported in the area involves so-called “caller ID spoofing.” The LaPorte Police Department has received several reports of people getting calls from alleged IRS or police department representatives regarding IRS business. The caller ID shows the LaPorte Police Department number, and when residents call to verify information they get the same scam caller back.

Authorities stress that any time someone calls demanding money, personal or bank account information or threatens you if you don’t provide it, it is a red flag a scam is afoot and you should immediately hang up.

They add caller ID is not always a reliable way of telling who is calling. That’s because scammers use fake caller ID information to trick people into thinking they are getting a call from a legitimate business or agency. That is called “spoofing.”

Visit for tips on how to handle and report these types of calls.