Challenges Arise for North Judson Community Center Grant Application

NJCommunityCenterMore work still needs to be done before grant funding will be available for a community center in North Judson. Town officials discussed the project last week with Gerry White with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

Before any money is awarded, OCRA needs letters stating why the local area needs a community center. North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Alicia Collins adds that additional income surveys also still need to be completed and returned, but even that process has gotten a bit more complicated.

Since North Judson residents already completed income surveys last year as part of the grant application process for the town’s water tower rehabilitation work, project organizers have been focusing their efforts on Wayne Township residents living outside the town limits. However, it turns out North Judson residents do need to complete the surveys again after all, since some of last year’s results are no longer valid.

Collins asks everyone who’s gotten a survey to fill it out and return it.

Project organizers hope OCRA funding will be able to cover nearly half of the $830,000 cost of the project.