Culver Alcohol Ordinance Looks to Modernize Local Events

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council is taking steps to allow alcohol in the Town Park for special events.

Alcohol is currently disallowed in the park for casual consumption and, even with the change, will continue to be against Town ordinance. Members of the Culver Town Council, however, desired to modernize its current law to allow alcohol for special events.

Culver Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says he designed the ordinance to maintain the previous two ordinances approved relating to alcohol.

“So this, as [the Council] requested, keeps those two things in place and makes only an exception for special events or events that are approved in advance by the Town Council in the Town of Culver,” says Clevenger.

The change is pending as a result of the annual Taste of Culver event. This is the first year the event was planned to be held in the Town Park, but the changes are required to accommodate the tourist draw. Taste of Culver would be required to designate an area where alcohol would be served and patrons could stand while consuming the liquid per state law.

An ordinance amendment was proposed replacing the original law from the 1960’s and went to first reading on Tuesday night. In response to questions about citations for violating the current open container ordinance, Clevenger says that will stay in place too.

“The fine for a citation of the 2011 ordinance was $100 per violation,” says Clevenger. “It also allows an officer to take possession of the substance and dispose of it.”

The Council largely felt the current fine was acceptable. Culver’s Police Chief says it has been some time since a resident has been cited for the offense.

The ordinance will go to second reading at the next Culver Town Council meeting.