Culver to Contact INDOT for SR 10 Speed Reduction

culver town hall

State Road 10 in Culver may see its speed limit reduced, but the change may take up to one year.

The Culver Town Council on Tuesday night considered a request from the Plan Commission to reduce the speed limit on the state highway. No specifics were introduced, but Police Chief Wayne Bean says lowering the speed limit from 45 mph to 35 mph may be appropriate.

Town Council member Sally Ricciardi says INDOT was said to be sensitive about such changes.

“They don’t like to drop them for no reason whatsoever,” says Ricciardi. “They do extensive studies like the speed limit and the number of cars that travel that particular road.”

The slowdown is intended to occur between Culver Community High School and the Liquor store near the Town’s welcome sign.

The Town will have to first make a request, but Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says it may be a lengthy decision making process.

The Plan Commission said that with a new housing development being constructed increased traffic is forthcoming. Ricciardi says the traffic counts should tell them more.

“There are a number of businesses on that stretch whether the speed is too high and there’s a probability of cars turning into other cars that are turning left,” says Ricciardi.

Culver Academies attempted a similar move near the campus Woodcraft camp, but was denied a reduction in speed.

The Culver Town Council gave their Administration permission to contact INDOT about the proposed change. It may be about a year before the speed limit reduction is every implemented.