Culver Exchange Students Discuss Experiences with School Board

ccsc_culver_community_schoolsThe Culver School Board got a look at the corporation from a different perspective this week. Culver Community High School’s three foreign exchange students had the chance to discuss their impressions of the school.

Each of the three European students said they had a few different countries from which to choose, but they wanted to experience American culture, as well as improve their English skills. They said one thing they’ve particularly enjoyed here is the concept of high school sports, noting that in Europe, sports are not included as part of school, and homecoming and school spirit don’t exist in the same way they do here. They say that while club sports exist, schools are just for education. Another thing they said they liked about Culver is the fact that it’s a small school where everyone knows each other.

Also discussing their experiences at Culver Community Schools were this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian. While they also said they’ve enjoyed being in a small school, valedictorian Jennah McCarty felt that non-sports activities deserve some more recognition. “There’s a lot of involvement with athletics at Culver, and I’d like to see that same attitude pushed more towards academics, as well,” she said. “It’s great that we support our athletic programs, but we need to build up the kids that are focusing academically, as well.”

But school board member Ryan Sieber says the importance of sports cannot be overlooked, “I strongly feel, the last three children we’ve had from other countries, when they come in, on day one, they’re part of a small family, and that small family has been an athletic team. And so not just these foreign exchange students. What about a student from another school corporation? When they become bonded in with a group they’ve got a lot of common interest in, I think that’s huge.”

Among other recommendations, McCarty also called for increased collaboration between the school corporation and the Culver-Union Township Public Library, as well as the community as a whole.