Culver Joining Forces with School Corporation for Cost Savings

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council is ready to partner with its local school corporation to save on costs.

An agreement was developed between the two after several Town officials attended a county-wide meeting earlier this year to learn of ways government entities are cooperating.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the contract followed another meeting between the Town and the school corporation’s administration.

“This is just us basically wanting to shake hands with the school corporation and say we’re all in it together,” says Munroe.

Cost savings could be seen by both entities. The cost of equipment and minor services is relatively expensive for Culver Community Schools, but is significantly cheaper for the Town. Items like trucks for light bulb replacement, plowing parking lots, and laying asphalt could be picked up by the Town in the future.

Likewise, use of facilities, and other items would be supplied by the school corporation.

Culver’s intergovernmental agreement was based on one used by the Town of Argos and its school corporation, but had to be amended for use in Culver. Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says there’s a way to oversee this.

“The agreement basically calls for a committee to oversee all of this and give the approvals up front,” says Clevenger. “They obviously can’t use our equipment when we need it.”

Two members of the Town Council and two members of the school board will be used to organize ideas presented between the two.

The Culver Town Council adopted the contract unanimously. The school board will also sign the document.