Culver School Board Combines Middle and High Schools Under Single Name

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver Community Schools Corporation continues taking steps to further consolidate its middle and high schools. Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell asked the school board Monday to take action to give the facility a single name.

“Back in January you guys voted to take action on combining the Middle School and High School under one administration, then moving forward, combining it under one official [Indiana Department of Education] number,” Kitchell said. “So as we move forward with the application to combine that building officially through the DOE, one of the questions they ask is, ‘What’s the name of the new building?’ And so I just put this out there so that we have board action on what we are going to call the building over there.”

Based on Kitchell’s recommendation, the board voted to change the official name to “Culver Community Middle/High School.” Principal Brett Berndt stressed that in spite of the name change, there will continue to be a clear division between the middle and high school facilities, and middle and high school students will continue to be kept separate.

School board member Ryan Sieber added it’s important that the corporation continues to move forward, “The way I look at it is, we’re in a changing world. We’re adapting, we’re combining things DOE. This is a slight little change. It’s a name. It’s still the same building, same kids, people in it. Stay positive and move.”

The official consolidation of the schools is seen as a way to save costs, as well as improve class scheduling.