Culver Takes More Steps in Preparation for Stellar Communities’ Designation

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council has authorized spending funds related to the state’s Stellar Communities program.

During their meeting on Tuesday, a resolution was considered that is part of the application process for state grant assistance and planning. Culver was named a finalist as part of Stellar Communities earlier this year, but a second phase of the application is anticipated later this year.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says part of that application is a document showing a willingness to spend those matching funds.

“All of the projects we listed in there obviously require money and we have to show how we would fund the matching portion of those grants if we should be designated,” says Munroe.

The Town is partnering with the Culver Redevelopment Commission in providing the matching grant funds.

According to the resolution, the Town is pledging a total of $184-thousand for the projects planned for development. The CRC is providing enough to bring the total matching funds to $834-thousand.

Projects planned for Culver include the beach lodge, improvements in the park department such as soccer fields, and improvements to the Town’s sidewalks.

Munroe says even without the Stellar Communities’ designation, the plan is useful.

“You can still apply for grants the way we have other projects,” says Munroe. “Like the sidewalk project on College St., we applied for that two years ago, and we haven’t even done that one yet.”

While the projects come with a hefty price tag, funds are intended to be spent over the course of four years as the projects are completed.

The Culver Town Council is preparing its application, and is planning a kick-off event in June to help promote their efforts moving forward.