Eastern Pulaski Announces Transfer Guidelines


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation will accept transfer students from other corporations for the 2016-17 school year. Indiana’s law changed in 2013 to allow students to more easily move between districts. Corporations are required to annually establish the number of students they can accept and the cutoff date for transfers.

In Eastern Pulaski’s case, transfers will be accepted through March 1, 2017. The school board has also established the following maximum capacities for each school:

Eastern Pulaski Elementary School – 740 students

Winamac Community Middle School – 350 students

Winamac Community High School – 460 students

The law states a student may not request to transfer to another corporation primarily for athletic reasons. Additionally, if the number of transfer requests exceeds the capacity established by the school corporation, each timely request must be given an equal chance to be accepted. However, students who have another household member enrolled in the corporation or who have a parent who works there shall be given priority.

In the event the number of transfer requests exceed capacity, state law requires a random drawing be held in a public meeting to determine which students will be admitted as transfers to each school building and grade level.

Questions about transfers into the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation can be directed to each building-level administrator.

Winamac Community High School Principal Rick DeFries: 574-946-6151, defrier@epulaski.k12.in.us

Winamac Community Middle School Principal Ryan Dickinson: 574-946-6525, dickinsonr@epulaski.k12.in.us

Eastern Pulaski Elementary School Principal Jill Collins: 574-946-3955, collinj@epulaski.k12.in.us