Knox Board of Works Awards Sidewalk Repair Contract


A Grovertown-based contractor is the apparent low bidder for work as part of the Knox 50-50 sidewalk replacement program. The Board of Works voted to accept the bid of $21,550 from Pete Kuchel Concrete.

The city has $10,000 budgeted for the split with property owners for sidewalk repairs and an additional $5,000 in the street paving fund to add ADA compliant ramps in several locations. A total of 16 properties, including the improvements identified by the city, are on the sidewalk replacement list.

Board members note some property owners typically opt out of the program once they get an estimate for their share of the cost. Half of the property owner’s share must be paid to the city before construction can begin. City officials say the property owner’s share must be paid within 14 days of notification for the project to continue. If not, it will be placed on the bottom of the work schedule.

Once the work is finished, the street superintendent will make a final inspection and approve payment to the contractor.