Knox Prepares to Apply for State Housing Grant

City_of_Knox_LogoThe City of Knox plans to apply for a grant to help homeowners make repairs to their homes. Grant administrator Cathy Miller says Knox has previously received two Community Development Block Grants for owner-occupied repairs. Funds can be used for roofing, gutters, electrical and plumbing repairs, as well as new doors, floors and furnaces. New siding and windows are no longer covered, as they are considered more aesthetic.

Miller says up to $25,000 can be spent on each home under the program. That’s gone up from $15,000 when the city first applied for a grant from the program. Miller says the city could receive up to $350,000 in grant funds, which will allow them to rehabilitate up to 18 houses. The grant requires a 10 percent match from the city.

Knox residents can pick up grant applications at city hall. They need to be turned in by June 7th. Miller will apply for grant funds on the city’s behalf if enough residents are interested in taking part in the program. She says filling out a grant application is not a guarantee work will be done, as this is a competitive grant. The state will announce recipients later this year.

Grant applicants must meet financial qualifications based on their household size and must live in the house they are seeking to rehabilitate. Proof of income is required.