Knox School Board Recognizes Recent Band Accomplishments

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox Band was congratulated, when the Knox Community School Board met last night, for its recent awards recognizing its outstanding music accomplishments. Director Craige Phipps and drum major Josh Enger announced the group has received the 2016 “Best Communities for Music Education” Award from the NAMM Foundaton as well as the ISMA’s “ALL Music Award.” 

New hires were approved including Pamela Varchetto, substitute teacher; Cecelia Moroni, substitute food service; Tom Belork, Middle School football coach; Michelle

Singleton, head varsity volleyball coach; and Cara Hasnerl, junior varsity volleyball coach; all effective May 16, 2016. Elisabeth Caudill was hired as a high school English teacher for the 2016-17 school year.

The board also approved 10 high school teachers; three elementary teachers; and nine bus drivers for the 2016 summer school session.

Resignations were accepted from Elementary cafeteria employee Ashley Dille; and Elementary art paraprofessional Caitlin Farus. Extracurricular resignations accepted were from Rich Ashmore, head varsity volleyball; Kevin Hannon, middle school football; and Caity Farus, junior vVarsity volleyball.

A number of girl’s high school basketball players, their parents and grandparents appeared to offer emotional complaints about the performances of the current varsity basketball staff, particularly the head coach, Neal Minix. All comments were taken under advisement by the board. No action was taken.

The Board also approved an eight-page Criminal Gang Policy, required by the State to be adopted by June 1, 2016. O-D and North Judson-San Pierre, have or will adopt the same policy.

As part of the high school’s “Countdown to Graduation” schedule, Principal Dr.Elizabeth Ratliff detailed the high school graduates “Elementary Walk.” The graduates, in caps and gowns, will visit the elementary school where students will line the halls to recognize the 2016 class’ accomplishment.