Knox Splash Pad Opens

KnoxSplashPadRibbonCuttingKnox residents celebrated the official opening of the new splash pad at Wythogan Park Saturday. Mayor Dennis Estok joined city officials, contractors, as well as local children for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Estok said the new feature provides a big boost to the city’s image, “[It’s] a great addition to our park and not only our park, I think it’s a great addition for our community and a major attraction. The splash pad is open to everybody, not just Knox residents. I think all Starke County is welcome to use it.”

He thanked the city’s elected officials for their support of the project, as well as the city employees and contractors who helped with the construction. “To get this project through at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers and us, we did reach out; we had a lot of support from our local contractors,” Estok said. “It’s unbelievable. I’ve never had a project – and I’ve done a lot of projects – where so many people came together and donated their time or material to make sure the project came through.”

The mayor added that one of the best things about the splash pad is that it benefits everyone, “To me, it’s another quality of life issue for our kids, not only the kids, but the adults, the senior citizens, and those with disabilities, because everybody can use this. I mean, this is something that the majority of kids are going to use it, but you will see some adults on here, you will see some senior citizens, and especially people with disabilities – they have a place to cool off now.”

The addition of the splash pad has been one of Estok’s top priorities since retaking office in January. He’s also planning more improvements at Wythogan Park, including the construction of an amphitheater for concerts and other events.