LOIT Distribution Gives Pulaski County Road Funding Options

 Pulaski County was making a few decisions this week on what to do with a special income distribution by the state.

The surprise funds come from the Local Option Income Tax fund and were allocated to local governments this year for road funding purposes. In Pulaski County, the Highway Department received $1.49-million for road and bridge improvement. About $490-thousand was also allocated that is recommended for deposit in the County’s Rainy Day Fund.

Pulaski County Commissioner Larry Brady spoke to an available INDOT program regarding how the funds should be used. INDOT requires that if $1-million in matching funds are available, they will supply an additional $1-million to aid with road improvements through a grant.

“This opportunity for this million dollar match, I don’t know if it will be here next year,” says Brady. “It is this year’s award.”

Brady made the request that the funds designed for Rainy Day fund use be applied to the match for grant funds. As part of the grant application, a list of projects and their estimated costs would be compiled by the state from May 31st to July 3rd.

The Pulaski County Council, however, felt it may be necessary to use the funds in the future. County Council President Jay Sullivan says he would like to see the $490-thousand into the Rainy Day fund to make up for the added expense the County experienced with its liability insurance.

“That way we can get it back in our Rainy Day Fund and put the Highway Department back and everything that he’s got,” says Sullivan. “We can always use the Rainy Day money for something else. If the state comes back and says next year or the year after we’re going to match again, then we have the money in there if we want to do it.”

The Council voted in favor of putting the funds in the Rainy Day fund, unanimously.

There are still a few questions the County would like answered by the state going forward.