Memorial Weekend Brings Swimming Safety Reminders

Lake Max DrowningThe Indiana State Department of Health is hoping to prepare Hoosiers for Memorial Day by offering a few water safety tips.

Memorial Day weekend often marks a time when Indiana residents venture out into local pools and beaches. The holiday weekend is overlapped by National Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. It runs until May 29th.

In 2014, a total of 76 people died of accidental drowning or submersion. Wearing a flotation device, obeying swimming rules, and having a partner while swimming are considered staples of water safety.

Apart from potential hazards presented by the water are the illnesses that may be contracted while swimming. The ISDH says avoiding swimming while suffering diarrhea can prevent germs from entering the waters. Likewise, not swallowing the water can prevent germs from entering your system. In natural waters, recognizing blue-green algae can prevent illness as well.

The ISDH says that anyone experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and stomach cramps should contact their healthcare provider.