Monterey Residents Present Sportsman’s Petition to Pulaski County

sportsmans chain link fencePulaski County will investigate further options for managing the site of the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill.

The County Commissioners were approached Monday night by officials residing in the Town of Monterey with a petition requesting action. The building collapsed in April of last year, prompting the county to construct a fence surrounding the site.

Exactly what action was expected brought questioning from Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley. He says whoever decides they’re going to clean it up is taking on the responsibility of that property.

“The county, so far, has not been willing to do it,” says Tankersley. “The law requires that they make it secure. If it’s not secure, then you should talk to our building inspector and tell him why it’s not secure, and he’ll address it.”

Asbestos and other safety hazards were reported at the site following inspections. That created plenty of discussion about what to do with the site. Pulaski County has been consistent with its message; namely, that they have limited responsibility for clean-up of the site.

Monday night was no different. But Doug Denton with the Town of Monterey says they are hoping the county can help them pursue a path to eventually do something about the collapsed structure.

“According to the people I spoke to, in Senator Donnelly’s office and stuff, I can’t proceed forward with this structure until something is resolved like condemnation or something,” says Denton. “Because we don’t have the authority to go in and condemn it. Your building inspector does as a representative of the state of Indiana for the commercial code in this state.”

Numerous attempts have been made to contact the building owner and communicate local officials’ desires to clean-up the site.

Those appearing before the Commissioners said they would attempt to contact the building owner themselves. In the meantime, Pulaski County will explore possible options about condemning the structure and what that may do to help speed the process.