Mosquito Born Illnesses Prompt ISDH Recommendations


The Indiana State Department of Health is encouraging Hoosiers to take steps to protect themselves from mosquitoes this year.

Warmer weather often means a higher population of the insects. Bites from which may carry diseases such as West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus.

There are a few things Indiana residents can do to help control their exposure. Eliminating breeding grounds such as standing water and bird baths, avoiding the outdoors when mosquitoes are at their move active, and wearing long sleeve clothing are among the Department of Health’s recommendations. Applying insect repellant is also considered a good method to limit mosquitoes.

Six cases of Zika Virus have been confirmed in Indiana, but each has been associated with international travel.

The ISDH conducts regular screenings of mosquito populations to test for diseases being carried in the local populations. That testing takes place in all 92 Indiana counties.