Moving Starke County Forward Announces Summer Challenge

movingstarkeforwardMoving Starke County Forward has announced its latest effort to help residents stay active over the summer. The theme for this year’s Get Moving Challenge is “Starke County Walks to the Moon.”

As part of the effort, community members are encouraged to walk, run, bike, or take part in any physical activity of their choice. Participants can then log their miles for a chance to win prizes when the campaign ends in August.

“Starke County Walks to the Moon” will kick off during Monday’s Memorial Day Parade. Participants will have the chance to walk the first few miles of the challenge while honoring someone special to them, by joining Moving Starke County Forward in the parade. The group will meet at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the Starke County Courthouse in Knox. Participants are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue and carry a photo of their loved one throughout the walk.

Moving Starke County Forward was formed in 2012 to improve the health of local residents. The county has consistently ranked near the bottom in state health rankings.

To take part in this year’s Get Moving Challenge, fill out this form.