Property Owners May Qualify for Tax Exemptions

Property-tax-200x150Property owners may qualify for real estate tax exemptions based on their age, disability status and whether or not they are a military veteran. The exemptions lower the amount of taxes due. Mortgage-holders qualify for a deduction of $3,000 if they reside on their real property, including mobile homes. It can be combined with other exemptions. A second exemption that’s available to owners who reside on their real estate, including mobile homes, is the homestead credit, also known as the standard deduction. Homestead credit mounts vary.

Homeowners over age 65 who reside on their real estate qualify for a sizeable deduction as well if they meet income and property value guidelines. The over 65 exemption can only be combined with the mortgage and homestead deductions. A surviving spouse of at least 60 years of age may also file.

Blind or disabled homeowners who reside on their real estate may also be eligible for deductions. An award letter from the Social Security Administration is required. The exemption may be combined with all other exemptions except over age 65.

Honorably discharged veterans with total or partial disabilities may also qualify for exemptions. Guidelines vary, and there is a cap on real and personal property values in order to claim the total disability property tax exemption.

Owners of real property or mobile homes with geothermal systems are also entitled to deductions in the amount equal to the remainder of the system minus the assessed value of the real property or mobile home without the system.

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