Pulaski Council Approves Hospital Expansion Financing

Pulaski Memorial Hospital
Pulaski Memorial Hospital

Financing to help expand Pulaski Memorial Hospital is a go following Monday night’s Pulaski County Council meeting.

Officials with the hospital presented plans last week to the Board of County Commissioners to explain the project, and the county’s role in completing the work. The hospital is currently planning to alter several aspects of the hospital site, including: the parking lot, utilities, and the construction of a maintenance building.

Hospital Director of Business Development Gregg Mallot says they have a specific plan in mind.

“What we’d like to do is utilize the Cumulative Building Funds over the next three years of appropriations to be able to assist in funding that expansion,” says Mallot.

Pulaski County is able to provide funding for some of the work through that fund those local operations in need of financing. The loan would be paid back over the previously explained three years to replenish the item in Pulaski County’s fiscal year budget.

Cost estimates have put the work at just over $350-thousand.

Among the big problems Pulaski Memorial Hospital is experiencing is storage. Mallot says the basement of the hospital is currently used.

“It has the pipes and a lot of our reconstruction type of materials,” says Mallot. “As opposed to building space onto the hospital, it will be a lot less expensive to build a maintenance building.”

A maintenance building is expected to cost around $50 per square foot as opposed to an expansion that would cost in the neighborhood of $200 per square foot.

The Pulaski County Council approved the financing request, unanimously.