Pulaski Courthouse Draft Designs Available Online

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County is making a more concerted effort to put publicly available documents online.

The latest venture is draft sketches of the proposed Pulaski County Courthouse renovations. The proposal has been presented in community forums for public consumption, and has also been discussed at length with both the Pulaski County Commissioners and the County Council.

The Board of Commissioners says the proposal is available on the county’s website to scrutinize and better understand. Pulaski County’s Maintenance Supervisor says he has design plans with measurements available for the public to review in detail.

While construction has not been given the go ahead, both engineering plans and financing proposals have been discussed in numerous public settings. Plans will change and become more detailed as the proposed courthouse renovations progress.

Since the hire of a full-time IT professional, Pulaski County has been working to put more information on its website. Meeting audio and agendas are also now available. At least one commissioner says the increased transparency is a positive step.