SCYC Program Director Elaborates on After School Offerings


A local nonprofit organization is committed to helping children learn and grow through after school programs. Starke County Youth Club Program Director Melissa Smith says they are offered at all three elementary and middle schools in the county, along with Oregon-Davis High School.

“We’re going to help the students get their homework done. We’ll feed them a healthy snack, and then we’re going to do some enrichment activities with them. That might include some interactive math games, some engineering activities, some time on a computer or it could be time in a kitchen learning to cook, or time in a gym, getting up moving and staying healthy.”

Smith adds all of the Starke County Youth Club’s activities are very socially-oriented.

“We find that kids get a lot of time just sitting front of a screen, so we want to do our best to help teach them to get along, to teach them how to communicate effectively with each other, to problem solve, and to even resolve conflicts. Those are all skills that will later affect them in the workforce.”

Smith and others from the Starke County Youth Club will be taking over the WKVI airwaves on Friday, May 6 for their annual radiothon. It’s their main fundraiser, but donations are welcome any time. Visit for more information.