Social Media Generates Involvement in Culver’s Stellar Communities Planning

culverCulver’s Stellar Communities Steering Committee is looking for a few volunteers to help improve their plans.

The Town is working to meet a June 1st deadline set for the second phase of the Stellar Communities’ application. Culver has previously been named a finalist, but is up against two other communities with small populations to be named 2016’s Indiana Stellar Communities winner.

The program provides planning and grant application assistance for well thought-out and designed community projects. Grant programs are identified and application assistance is provided by a state official working with the winner.

A social media page is now being used to attract volunteer comments and photos about the Town’s list of projects. The idea is to gather comments about what one or two of the projects would mean to individuals in the community were they to be completed.

A list of projects can also be found on the Stellar Communities Facebook Page in Culver.