Starke Commissioners Looking to Fill Board Vacancies


The Starke County Commissioners are looking to fill three seats on the Convention and Visitor’s Commission. The board promotes the development and growth of the convention, visitor and tourism industry in the county.

Prospective appointees must reside in Starke County and be (1) “engaged in a convention, visitor, or tourism business; or (2) involved in or promoting conventions, visitor’s, or tourism.  If available and willing to serve, at least two members must be engaged in the business if renting or furnishing rooms, lodging, or accommodations.”

Political balance is required. At this time three Republican and one Democrat seats are available.

The commissioners are also looking to fill an appointment to the Knox City Planning Commission created by the recent death of Mary Bendt. Prospective appointees must live outside the Knox city limits but within the two-mile jurisdiction for zoning purposes. A Republican is preferred in order to ensure political balance, but the commissioners can appoint a Democrat if a Republican does not express an interest. That’s what they did in Bendt’s case.

Interested parties may submit a letter of interest to the Starke County Commissioners, in care of the Starke County Auditor, 53 East Mound Street, Knox, IN  46534.  Contact any commissioner for more information.