Starke County Youth Club Prepares for Annual Radiothon


Starke County Youth Club volunteers, staff, students and alumni will take over the WKVI airwaves today for their annual radiothon fundraiser. All of the money stays in the community to pay for after school programs for students at Knox, North Judson-San Pierre and Oregon-Davis.

Program director Melissa Smith says students get a healthy snack and some decompression time when they arrive. Staff members go over announcements and the day’s agenda before everyone breaks out into homework rooms based on their grade levels.

Each is staffed with people to answer questions and help students complete their work or help students without assignments get a little bit of extra remediation. It’s also an opportunity for youngsters to practice their literacy and math skills.

After they’re done in the homework center, Smith says students will disburse into a number of activities.

“They can choose from some of our more academic things, including math and science, literacy, there’s a social studies class. Or they can then choose to go to our more enrichment-based centers,” Smith said.

Offerings include the PE center, cooking, technology time, arts, crafts and fine arts.She adds the latter helps to fill the void left by cuts to art and music programs in schools due to funding shortfalls.

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