Starke County Youth Club Provides Structure, Teaches Accountability


The after-school programs offered by the Starke County Youth Club at sites around the county provide homework help, hands-on learning and more to participants. Program director Melissa Smith says it keeps youngsters who would otherwise be home alone until a parent or other caregiver arrives a structured setting in which they can avoid getting into mischief.

Instead they get to interact with adults who ensure they are safe, active and making good choices. Smith adds the programs focus on personal accountability.

“You can choose to be respectful to your neighbor, choose to complete your homework as an assignment given to you every day. You can choose to work cooperatively with these students to complete a goal. We’re going to talk about positive choices every day, and the positive consequences that can bring to a student and again to our larger community.”

The Starke County Youth Club offers after-school programs for students in kindergarten through 8th grade at Knox and North Judson-San Pierre and for students in kindergarten through high school at Oregon-Davis.

Smith and others from the Starke County Youth Club will be taking over the WKVI airwaves on Friday, May 6 for their annual radiothon. It’s their main fundraiser, but donations are welcome any time. Visit for more information.