Stellar Communities Application Gets Support from Culver Schools

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver Community Schools Corporation is voicing its support for the town’s Stellar Communities application.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell asked the school board Monday to approve a letter of support on behalf of the corporation. “As you know, the Town of Culver is a finalist for the Stellar Communities grant through the state of Indiana, one of three towns of 6,000 people or fewer,” he said. “Part of what they’re asking for is local organizations to submit a letter of support to them, as they move forward with the grant application and all that has to take place.”

The Town of Culver is currently in the second phase of applications for the Stellar Communities program. It’s designed to provide state resources and planning help for grant applications and project development.

The school corporation is cooperating with the town on one of the projects included in the plan. They hope to make improvements to some of the school corporation’s land that’s currently being used as a youth soccer field, upgrading the property into a larger-scale sports center and recreation area known as Cavaliers Park.

In other business Monday, the Culver School Board voted to approve a couple of newly-required policies. School corporations around the state are being required to meet with county prosecutors, local police departments, defense lawyers, and parents, to put together a formal policy on criminal gang activity. Additionally, local governments, including school corporations, now have to set a threshold for reporting missing money and materials to the State Board of Accounts. The two policies passed unanimously.