The Crossing Hosts Furniture Sale to Fund Job Training Programs

The CrossingThe Crossing Educational Center hosted an event on Friday that not only hoped to raise funds for their cause, but also give their students a bit of job training experience.

The alternative education school is used by all three local school corporations in Starke County as a way to educate students who may not otherwise learn in a traditional environment. The Crossing mixes textbook education with faith-based initiatives, but also provides job skills training to their students

Charissa Lucas is a Starke Custom Creations Fundraiser. She says this gives students hands-on experience.

“So these kids that are taking part are literally running a micro-business,” says Lucas. “It’s 80-percent student led and then the instructor just comes along and helps them out.”

Micro-businesses are one of three ways The Crossing Educational Center is able to give students job training. There are internships and job site opportunities at some of the other alternative education sites around the state of Indiana.

The furniture is created by the students using recycled materials and ranges from desks to oak wood tables and other pieces of furniture local residents could use to decorate their homes.

Lucas says they try to increase student opportunities through their offerings.

“Just to really give these kids a better chance at having job experience,” says Lucas.

The location in Knox on Friday provided food, raffles, and games while shoppers browsed the available furniture.

The Crossing has been promoting the micro-business for a few years as a way to maintain some of the school’s operations.