Bicentennial Torchbearers Announced

Indiana BicentennialThe list of torchbearers taking part in the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay has officially been unveiled. Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development announced the names during a press conference Wednesday at the Indiana Statehouse.

Locally, 13 residents have been chosen to carry the torch when it passes through Starke County. Another nine torchbearers were selected posthumously.

Meanwhile, twelve current residents have been named torchbearers in Pulaski County. They’ll be joined by representatives of three posthumous selections.

The Bicentennial Torch will pass through Starke and Pulaski Counties on Friday, October 7.

Wednesday’s press conference was also the unveiling of the torchbearers’ official uniforms. They’re sponsored by Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance and include a t-shirt, lightweight jacket, and specially-designed cap.

A total of about 2,200 Hoosiers will be taking part in the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay in September and October. Lt. Gov. Holcomb said the torchbearers embody Indiana’s traditions of service, civic pride, community involvement, and volunteerism.

Starke County Torchbearers

  • Jaigan Allport
  • Madison Baker
  • Nancy Dembowski
  • Joseph Dolezal*
  • Ware Edgar*
  • Helen Edgar*
  • Sophie Flora
  • Shirley Fosler
  • Daniel Gumz
  • James Hardesty*
  • Edward Hasnerl
  • Ted Hayes
  • Joseph Kingsbury
  • Kaylee Krom
  • Perry Lucas
  • Gabriel Manning
  • Frank Ono*
  • Henry Schricker*
  • Maude Schricker*
  • Melba Shilling
  • Jim Shilling*
  • August White*

Pulaski County Torchbearers

  • Marylou Bonnell
  • Ralph Braun*
  • Dan Frain
  • Justin Haley
  • Judy Heater
  • Chance Holliday
  • Douglas Klausing
  • Robert Klitzman
  • Sandra Lucas
  • Charles Mellon
  • Edward Nielsen*
  • Timothy Roth
  • Ron Schlatter
  • Leo Siemens*
  • John Simmermaker

* Denotes posthumous selection. County will provide participant to represent selected torchbearer.