County Home Zoning Changed After Multiple Discussions

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The Pleasant View Rest Home has a new zoning designation.

Tuesday night the Winamac Plan Commission held their third meeting discussing the property and how changing the zoning designation may affect its future. The Pleasant View Rest Home ceased operations last year and was put up for sale by the Pulaski County government as a result. Until this week, it carried an Industrial Zoning label which made a sale difficult given the possible future uses of the building.

Winamac Plan Commission President Dave Broad says discussions continued with the county after initially rejecting the zoning change.

“We’re interested in making sure we do what’s best for the greater good and to try to get that building in a useful position for the county and to not end up with it, since it’s got a historical significance, not end up with it being run down or hurt in any way,” says Broad.

Previous meetings have indicated that the Plan Commission was unwilling to change the zoning of the County Home to residential unless a prospective buyer was interested in the change.

A realtor representing the Pulaski County Commissioners says there has been some interest. The hope is to change ownership of the site while keeping in mind the property’s historic significance to Pulaski County.  

Broad says the interest weighed heavily into their decision-making before making the change to a Residential zoning.

“That definitely had a big part to play,” says Broad. “I think it made all the board members feel very positive about the decision that they would make.”

Now that the Winamac Plan Commission has made their recommendation, the matter heads to the Winamac Town Council for further consideration.

Pulaski County sought the change with the belief that the pleasant view rest home is best suited for multi-family residential living.