Culver Chips Away at Main Street Parking Lot Work

culver town hall

A parking lot in the 200 block of South Main Street in Culver is seeing work progress.

The striping and paving on the parking lot have been completed, something that Town Manager Jonathan Leist said progressed nicely. At this point in the upgrades, however, Culver is responsible for lighting, fencing, signage, and screening in the parking lot.

At issue Tuesday night was how to properly fence and provide privacy between the parking lot and neighboring property owners. Leist told the town there were two options being considered for the fencing.

“I think to get vegetative screening large enough that it would screen pretty well, I don’t have pricing for both, but I think the fencing will be cheaper,” says Leist.

Previous suggestions have indicated that vegetative screening may create a more professional look. Any fence would include vinyl to prevent lights from creating a nuisance for neighboring property owners.

The Town is partnering with construction company CMD on the work.

As previously mentioned, the cost of the work may be the determining factor moving forward. Consistent with the town’s thinking, the neighboring homeowner requested vinyl fencing. Leist says his recommendation is in line with the neighbor. 

“She feels pretty strongly about it,” says Leist. “I don’t have a problem with it. We just want it to look nice. One of the spots, a couple of them actually, line up right with windows on her side of the house so I completely understand there”

The fencing will only be placed on the south side of the property. For now, Culver will gather cost estimates before finalizing a decision about what to implement at the site.

The Town Council will consider the matter at some point in the future.