Culver School Board Approves Agreement with Town

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board has signed on to a partnership between the the school corporation and the Town of Culver, in an effort to reduce costs and share resources. Town and school officials have been working for the past few months on an intergovernmental agreement.

Based on previous discussions, it may see the town help out with some work that it’s able to perform more cheaply than the school corporation can. Some potential ideas include the use of town equipment for snow and ice removal and parking lot maintenance at Culver Schools. Meanwhile, the school corporation may allow the town to use some of its facilities for larger events and festivals in the town.

The intergovernmental agreement also calls for a committee with representatives from the town council and school board to oversee the sharing of resources.

The contract was approved by the Culver Town Council last month. On Monday, the Culver School Board followed suit, approving the agreement unanimously.