Eastern Pulaski Construction on Track

Winamac Community High School gymnasium

Eastern Pulaski School Corporation school wide construction is on target to finish on time. Even though the construction will go into the next school year, everything is on track to finish and should not continue after the planed end date.

The majority of the elementary school has been finished, turning the once open style classrooms into small pods of two or three rooms with a door leading into the hallway. The old art room is now split in half, making a smaller art room and a small lab with a kitchen for teachers to use with their students.

The office area is currently being reconfigured. It will be walled in, making the front of the school more secure. There will also be a door leading right into the main office space so parents and guests will be directed there to pick up their children.

Along with the new updates, new furniture has been purchased to add a more contemporary feel to the school. New tables and chairs will be placed in the commons for various uses. The library will also be getting new bookshelves that will line the hallway enclosing it for less distraction.

The big projects in the middle / high school are the science rooms in both schools. They will have brand new pods and lab spaces that should be finished by the time the school year starts. In addition, the consumer science rooms are being fully renovated.

The high school office is also being changed, adding extra doors for security and a bit more space for nurses and storage.

The main gym is also being updated, with new paint and a brand new floor that has a slightly changed design. The new gym will be a breath of fresh air.

Winamac Community High School office
Winamac Community High School gym
Winamac Community High School science rooms
New walls are going up in the Eastern Pulaski Elementary School office