IDHS Encourages Ride Safety During Summer Amusement Park Visits


Summer can often bring with it carnivals or trips to the amusement park, but the Indiana Department of Homeland Security says it’s important to stay informed about the safety of the rides.

The IDHS says most amusement rides are safe, but the power of observation should be used to inform the ride operator and lead to a decision not to board the ride for the participant.

The recommendations go two ways, though. The Department of Homeland Security says ride enthusiasts are encouraged to read all of the posted rules and listen to the instructions given by the operators. Explaining the rules to children can also prevent possible injury.

Obeying minimum height and weight restrictions is also recommended.

Hoosiers attending a fair or amusement park have the resources at their disposal to alert the state of consistent problems with a venue by contacting their state ride safety hotline.