Improvements Anticipated at Hamlet Town Hall

Hamlet Fall 5People visiting the Hamlet Town Hall will see the new counter and doors and doors installed in the clerk’s office and other parts of the Town Hall, which have improved security as well as the ambiance of the area. The work will be completed soon.

When the Board met last night it read and adopted two ordinances.

The first provides uniform subdivision internal controls and requires training for town employees. The second directs a fund be created for the distribution of state funds used for improvement of streets and roads in the town. Both became effective immediately.

The town is expected to soon take control of a property on Pearl Street, which has been declared a safety hazard.

When the Hamlet Zoning Board met it heard a report from the owner of another hazardous property which he has begun to improve. He was given another 60 days to complete the work.

A town resident questioned the Board on a report that two hog raising  projects are being built near Hamlet. He was concerned about the possible odor at the Starke County Fair Grounds and Hamlet Golf Course as well at the homes of town residents.

The board told the man that the regulation of the proposed farms come under the control of the county, not the town.