Indiana Pilots Program Designed to Enforce Overweight Truck Limits


A new pilot program is looking to extend the life of Indiana’s roadways and capture revenue that the state believes is currently being evaded.

INDOT, IDOR, the Indiana State Police, and Kapsch Traffic Com launched the Indiana Direct Weigh-in Motion and Credential Enforcement program on Friday morning.

It will be used along Interstate 94 in Northwest Indiana near Chesterton. According to information provided by the Indiana Department of Transportation, one 80-thousand pound truck causes as much damage to the roadway as 9,600 cars.

The pilot program is designed to gather data about commercial truck traffic and ultimately recommend legislative changes to modernize the state’s overweight vehicle enforcement program.

Those in violation of their weight permit would see their license plate captured by the technology and mailed a violation ticket.

The program was started Friday morning during a ceremony near Chesterton.