INDOT Begins Accepting Applications for Matching Road Grants


Local communities have been talking about it for several weeks, but the Indiana Department of Transportation is now ready to begin accepting the applications.

Through its Community Crossings program, INDOT says they will be accepting matching grant applications for local road funding projects. Counties, cities, and towns received a special LOIT disbursement from the state earlier this year designated for road funding use. Among the uses for the funds is a match for grant application assistance. It provides funding for additional road projects.

The grant match started in March of this year when Governor Mike Pence signed a bill into law that redirected a portion of the gasoline use tax.  It provides $186-million over the next two years.

Local governments may use the funds for road resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation, road construction, and several other improvement-related expenses.

Several communities in the immediate area have discussed utilizing the additional funding to complete more work. According to INDOT, the decision for grant funding will be based on project need, traffic volume, and local support for the projects.