ISP Talks Drugs with Amish Community

AmishThe Indiana State Police are conducting more outreach for local Amish populations in the state.

Recently, troopers addressed a crowd in Elkhart County about the warning signs and dangers of drug use. The use of narcotics, such as heroin, has been identified as impacting members of the Amish community particularly hard in the Hoosier state.

Indiana as a whole has been heavily impacted by heroin use, prompting the state’s representatives in Congress to seek heavy involvement in programs and funding to combat the problem.

ISP has developed a program to speak openly with Amish communities about drug use, the most recent of which addressed more than 400 members.

According to information provided by State Police, drug identification, drug trends, and the consequences of drug and alcohol use are being covered. Demonstrations with the K-9 Unit and how it is employed to identify narcotics in vehicles and other containers was also utilized.

The talks are expected to continue between Indiana State Police and the Amish in the coming months.