Kankakee Valley Broadcasting Plans Riverboat Adventure

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Travel Coordinator Ed Hasnerl

Don’t miss the boat for the next Kankakee Valley Broadcasting trip. Ed Hasnerl is hosting a four day, three night Mississippi Riverboat Adventure Aug. 1-4. The first stop is Galena, Ill. for a day of antique shopping and lunch at the historic DeSoto House Hotel.

From there the group will travel to LaClaire, Iowa. Hasnerl says they’ll board the riverboat Twilight there the next day for a two-day cruise.

“We go up to Dubuque, Iowa and stay in a resort there. The next day we get back on the boat and come back to LeClaire. We’re going to go see the Pickers while we’re in LaClaire. Incidentally that’s Buffalo Bill’s birthplace. And there are other museums there. A Buffalo Bill museum and a maritime museum,” Hasnerl said.

He adds the riverboat offers a relaxing way to travel.

“You can sit on the deck and watch the world go by. The captain explains what you’re seeing. Lots of eagles. We go through the locks. That’s an interesting experience, you know, to be raised up and then lowered back down, that sort of thing. It’s a great, fun trip.”

Click Mississippi Riverboat Trip for more information or call the station at 574-772-6241 during business hours.