Knox Golf Cart Ordinance to Take Effect in July


The City of Knox will soon have a golf cart ordinance on the books. The council adopted the policy on third reading last night, but it won’t take effect until mid-July. That’s due to the requirement that such a policy change first be published in the newspaper of record. In this case, that’s “The Leader,” and the next available publication date is the Thursday, June 23 edition.

That pushes the effective date back to July 23.

Knox residents can currently operate golf carts on city streets. The ordinance just regulates the practice. It mirrors the county’s policy, which requires headlights and taillights for nighttime operation. All golf carts must have rearview mirrors and slow-moving vehicle signs and carry at least liability insurance. Drivers must be licensed unless the city council approves a waiver on a case-by-case basis. Also seating is limited to the manufacturer’s recommended capacity.

The ordinance also requires an inspection before a golf cart operation permit can be issued. Daytime and day/night permits will be offered. Knox Police Chief Harold Smith previously said the city would honor permits issued by the county.